Christmas on Mull – A Guide by Luxury Mull

Posted November 28, 2018

How About an Island Christmas This Year

You’re thinking it’d be nice to do something a little different this Christmas. Perhaps a family holiday that everyone will remember for years and years to come. Perhaps even a white Christmas on the Isle of Mull. But is Christmas on Mull really an option? Read on to find out!

Getting to Mull for Christmas

Ferries run throughout the Christmas period to Mull, with the exception of Christmas Day and New Years Day. The most popular service if driving to Scotland from the South is the Oban to Craignure ferry, a crossing of approximately 45 minutes. If coming to Mull from the North or East an alternative ferry is the Lochaline to Fishnish service. The approach to Lochaline is one of the most stunning drives in Scotland too, but do bare in mind that much of it is on single-track and isolated roads which may be subject to adverse weather conditions. Both services are roll-on-roll-off vehicle ferries. Always book in advance and arrive at the ports not less than half an hour before departure for check-in. Winter timetables and fares can be found here: Oban to Craignure Ferry Timetable, Winter and here: Lochaline to Fishnish Ferry Timetable, Winter

Oban Train Station is also conveniently located adjacent to the ferry port and there are bus links too, in addition to buses and taxi services once on the island, if coming without your own transport.

Staying on Mull for Christmas

Winter on Mull is a quieter time than in other parts of the UK, but this is perhaps one of its attractions! Many places close for the winter, but many remain open year round too. For example, all of our luxury self-catering properties are available year round, including Christmas and New Year. Our newest and award winning property Riverside House is still available if you’re quick!

There are other options too of course and we’d highly recommend visiting for an expert insight into all things accommodation, food and things to do.

Shopping for Christmas Day on Mull

Mull is an island of tradition, with lazy Christmas day mornings of presents and a warm fire. If there isn’t snow on the ground where you’re staying there will almost certainly be snow on the mountains in all directions. It’s the stuff of picture postcards and happy memories.

And just like any other Christmas, dinner will be a focal point of the day. It’s also mandatory to eat too much of course! If you’re self-catering there are several shops on the island, including Spar and Co-op which stock a wide selection of the staple necessities and a good number of products and produce specific to the island too. There are also many local producers who you can get in touch with before coming to Mull and arrange collection of truly local food. A useful resource is:

A further option is to use the click-and-collect service of Tesco in Oban before catching the ferry over to the island. Do note however that collection slots are in very high demand at this time of year so planning ahead is the name of the game. There are also a number of other excellent food shops in Oban, including butchers, breweries and bakers. A couple of hours wandering Oban before catching your ferry is time well spent, both for food and presents. There is however, nothing quite like sourcing your food from the island itself so do look up

With a little planning there is no need to do without anything that you’d find at home. It’s Mull, not the moon.

Things to do over the Christmas week on Mull

The Isle of Mull is an outdoor-lovers paradise at any time of year. We have a surprising number of crisp, clear blue-sky days, ideal for long walks and photography. And if the weather is stormy and powerful, set your camera to black and white or mono and capture the deep moods of the island in all its timeless glory. Never come to Mull without a camera!

Alternatively, Mull is one of the few places in the UK that can still offer a relaxing day-trip in the car with non of the usual congestion associated with much of mainland UK. Quiet single-track roads hugging the coastline and following natural mountain valley passes make a drive around Mull stunning. Don’t however try to drive around the whole of the island in one day. It is easily achievable but less is more on Mull. Take your time, stop, look and enjoy. Take a good book and a bit of food, park the car and reflect a little. It’s good for the soul.

For something a little more adventurous, how about Christmas on the summit of Ben More. At 966 metres it’s Mull’s only Monroe and the views from the top are breath taking. It’s a little known fact that Christmas cake is the ultimate energy-bar.

If you’ve come to Mull with children it’s a time for family outings, indoor games and outdoor fun. A kite takes up next to no room in the boot of the car and the corral beach of Calgary is safe and spectacular all year round. Wrap up warm, get outside and embrace the weather with a kite. No matter your real age, everyone is a seven year old when they have a kite!

If you’d like to know more about coming to Mull at Christmas or at any other time of year, get in touch via and follow us on Facebook

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Current situation with Covid-19

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